Pickleball – the new sport emerging among tennis enthusiasts around the world

For longer than 35 years, Ball Fabrics has proudly served the tennis industry’s unique needs. We have anticipated trends to produce important products that built our reputation for innovation and creativity. 

Today, Pickleball is an emerging new sport among tennis enthusiasts. From luxury resorts and country clubs to the residential backyards, Pickleball has grown almost 40% over the last 2 years.

This rise in the number of pickleball courts has elicited the age-old concern among facilities that require yards and yards of fence screen: how to eliminate the high cost of windscreen maintenance?

In response to this concern, Ball Fabrics developed ExtremeScreen®80, the revolutionary, patent-pending windscreen with 80% visual blockage. ExtremeScreen®80 consists of a unique honeycomb design that directs wind through and disperses it in a way that doesn’t put too much load on Tie Wraps allowing them to stay attached. 

“With the introduction of ExtremeScreen®80, we expect to elevate athletic windscreen to a new level of performance standards,” said Jon Ball, Ball Fabrics’ president. “ExtremeScreen®80 enables you to lower maintenance and significantly reduce the load on your fence. It performs so well we’ve backed it with an unprecedented 7-year warranty.”

Ron Dubas, with Unlimited Sports Solutions, said, “We had 90 mile an hour winds and the ExtremeScreen®80 stayed attached.” 

ExtremeScreen®80 offers customizable options. It is available in four different fabric colors, and allows direct bond logos to print directly onto the screen. Need something with a little more color? Ball fabrics can also print digital overlay banners that can be attached to the windscreen. ExtremeScreen®80 is attractive, has great visual blockage, comes in a variety of colors, and compliments and supports promotional and branding graphics. That’s a winning combination. But Ball Fabrics took it one giant step beyond all other windscreens, because ExtremeScreen®80 stays on your fence, virtually eliminating the cost of windscreen maintenance.