Fence Guard and Corrugated Fence Cap Installation

Attention to Detail Assures Proper Installation

There are several options when installing Fence cap along with windscreen. 

In any case, the ends of this product should always be overlapped (not butted up.) Holes should align as seen below. One option is to cover over the top of the windscreen with Fence Guard and tie wrap the REAR FACING SECTION of the Fence Guard directly to the chain link as seen below: Another option is to specify a custom height and adjust (4.5 inches from the highest point on the fence) to allow the fabric top hem to install onto the chain link below the Fence Guard, as seen here with the Yellow Fence Guard:

Use a 50lb & 120lb test Tie-Wraps combination on your screen. Place the 50lb Tie-Wraps along the top and halfway down the sides of your screen. Place the 120lb Tie-Wraps along the bottom and halfway up the sides of your screen. If there is a grommet strip, use 120lb Tie-Wraps to install the grommet strip.

We recommend this technique so that in high winds, the top 50lb Tie-Wraps will break, allowing the top to fold over the bottom and keeping the screen from flapping against an abrasive surface. Using the correct fasteners will give you a better chance of preventing wind damage, which is the number one cause of screen deterioration.

yellow fence guard on a fence screen

Finally, some installers prefer to send the tie wrap directly through the windscreen fabric.  While this technically creates a weak spot, it has not presented any historical problems due the nature of knitted fabrics not fraying or unraveling. Non-knitted fabric such as VCP should not be punctured for any reason in the field.

Corrugated Fence Cap (in either 100’ or 250’ rolls) can be installed with an optional install tool. Tie wraps (spaced at 3’) go around the fence cap and through the chain link.   Tie wraps are available in YELLOW OR BLACK.  Knitted fabric can be punctured with a tie but non-knitted fabric as VCP should not be punctured for any reason in the field.  

Alternately, custom height be specified (4.5 inches from highest point on the fence) when ordering wind screen to allow for the hem to install below the cap as shown above.