Athletic Padding

Athletic Padding by Ball Fabrics

Ball Fabrics’ line of high quality outdoor and indoor athletic padding is designed for maximum impact resistance and safety.

  • Constructed with high impact foam.
  • Encased in heavy-duty 18.5 oz. vinyl.
  • The Athletic Padding is Mold, UV, and Fire resistant.
  • Wide variety of stock and custom colors.
Branded Athletic Badding

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Previous Work

Padding Logos

Branded Athletic Padding

Logo your padding with outfield numbers, team mascots, school names or just about anything. Our Direct-Bond logo process is perfect for one, two or three color logos. We can also logo padding with full-color high-resolution graphics.

Wood Back Padding

Branded Athletic Padding

2”, 3” and 4” padding with a wood back and 18.5 oz vinyl.

Rail & Post Padding

Post and Rail Padding for Athletics

2” or 3” padding with grommet lips on both sides so the pad can be easily laced around a pole or rail.

Vinyl Back Padding

Fence Padding for Athletics

2”, 3” and 4” padding. High impact foam completely encased in 18.5 oz vinyl with grommet lips on top and bottom of the pad for attachment. Velcro or middle grommet lip also available.

DIY Rail Padding

Branded Athletic Padding
Economical way to pad your fence top rail and and dugout rails.
  • Custom fit and look without a custom price
  • Tubular foam in 6’ lengths, sized to fit the fence top rail or dugout rail
  • 18 oz. UV treated vinyl cover in a variety of colors (with grommets)