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High-quality Athletic Windscreen

Choosing the correct windscreen is no walk in the park. There are so many options – how do you know which best fits your application?

Partnering with Ball Fabrics takes the guesswork out of choosing windscreen. With more than 35 years of industry experience, we have carefully selected a top line of fabrics designed for every application. Whether your job is small or large, we will walk you through the process ensuring you get the perfect fit.

You can order windscreen with confidence, knowing the end result will be your complete satisfaction, because of all the components that make up the Ball Fabric Difference:

Fabrication – we build products to last

  • Brass grommets every 12”
  • Triple grommeted corners
  • Bonded polyester UV resistant thread
  • Strong and durable reinforced hems
  • Consistent and accurate sizing

Research and Development we constantly search for better options

  • We have never been content just offering the same thing every other company carries. We are always looking for ways to fabricate windscreen products that fade less, last longer, look better, and perform more reliably under extreme conditions. 

Customer Service – we always go the extra mile

  • Our goal is to build long term customer relationships. You will never be just a number to us. Every single customer is important and deserves our full attention.
  • A live person will always answer our phone during business hours. 
  • Our Customer Support Team professionals are trained to help you identify the windscreen best suited for your application. They will walk you through the process from product selection to final installment, answering your questions along the way to ensure your finished product is delivered in a timely manner and fits correctly.

Custom Manufacturing

  • We custom fabricate your windscreen order to fit your exact specifications. 
  • Because we manufacture everything in house, we can ensure the quality that we demand and you require. It’s why we can offer some of the best warranties in the industry.
  • It means we pay attention to even the smallest details, the ones that you can’t see but really matter when it comes to product longevity and durability.

In-House Printing and Graphics Department

  • More than ever before, athletic facilities are using outdoor print and graphics to brand their teams and upgrade their facilities. Graphics are often a large part of the windscreen budget, so you want your printed products to be the best quality with the longest lasting inks and most technologically advanced methods available. 
  • Our in-house windscreen printing department is state of the art. 
Event Branding and Direct Bond Printing
Black Stetson Tennis Fence Screening
blue branded Bleacher Wraps Digital Printing and graphics on athletic field

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