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After serving the tennis industry for 35 years, Ball Fabrics understands the importance of quality tennis and pickleball netting. The Ball Family has always been tennis enthusiasts, and with the new surge in popularity of pickleball, we see massive opportunities for our clients. 

Since our origin, we have had a profound impact on the tennis industry. And now, with the introduction of our Tennis and Pickleball Nets, we expect to elevate the racquet sport world to a whole new level of performance standards.

Tennis and pickleball netting is designed to be durable and withstand the impact of a ball in action. However, both nets must be installed properly and maintained to specific standards to ensure fair play. 

All of our netting products are manufactured to specific quality standards:

  • Strong & durable reinforced hems
  • 46oz White PVC coated Anti-fungal headband fabric with four rows of stitching
  • 18oz Black PVC fabric on the sides and bottom
  • Heavy-duty vinyl headband with 4 rows of lock stitching.
  • Top six rows of braided polyethylene black rope doubled for better strength and durability.


Limited Warranties vary between 3-5 years, dependent on the product

Tennis Pickleball Net Netting
Pickleball and Tennis Netting

Frequently Asked Questions

One reason Tennis Net is braided NOT twisted is, so the ball drops down closer to the net when the ball hits. A twisted net would create more bounce.

You can get either single braided or double braided. With single braided it works better for a private court, like one you might have at your home. A double braided tennis net is doubled up on the top 6 rows of the net; the spot most often hit by the ball. This is better for high usage nets. It creates a stronger net that will last longer under higher use conditions.

The purpose of a tapered tennis net is to prolong the life of the product. This is accomplished by cutting the net in a way so that it is 42” at the posts, but tapers down to 36”in the middle. The taper cut minimizes how much of the bottom rubs against the court along its center. This helps prevent wear on the bottom allowing the tennis net to remain playable longer.

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