How to Measure for Privacy Screen

Materials needed:

  • Pad (preferably with a grid)
  • Pencil/Pen
  • 100′ or 300′ tape measure
  • 25′ tape measure (for height)
Fence Screen Measure Guide


Draw layout of the site and include a landmark. Example: NW corner or starting at build etc. 


Measure height of fence and notate on layout. Check height in multiple locations and use lowest height measurement. 

 STEP 3 

Measure each section of fence from outside tension bar to outside tension bar.

 IMPORTANT: for sections under 20’ deduct 2” from measurement; for sections over 20’ deduct 3” 

and add this measurement. Each panel should not exceed 50’; round down to nearest half inch as needed. 


Repeat same process for measuring gates. Check the height and measure outside tension bar to outside tension bar and deduct 2” 


Assign each section a unique number on diagram; Your panels will be labeled with these numbers for easy identification. (Optional but recommended) 

 * When placing order or getting a quote, discuss fence height and appropriate screen height with customer service.

Notate any height changes.