Custom Printed Fence Screen Enhances Tennis Facility Re-Branding Campaign

Ball Fabrics is founded on quality relationships built through excellent customer service. Solving problems and finding creative responses for our customer’s needs are front and center for everyone on our team, from the office staff to the fabrication departments to shipping and handling. Our goal is to offer an attention to detail and a personal touch unavailable anywhere else.

This story about re-branding reveals how tennis windscreens, in combination with our advanced printing capabilities, can make a huge difference when revitalizing an existing facility. The Mandy Stoll Tennis Center at Stetson University in Deland, FL, recently took advantage of new printing and branding technology to refurbish and enhance their existing varsity tennis facility. Working on a deadline, facility management wanted to unveil new logos as part of an updated branding campaign at their upcoming conference tournament.

Jake Gibson, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations, called on Ball Fabrics, Inc. for the custom windscreen work that required precision measuring, printing, and high-quality graphics work. Manufacturing superior windscreen and netting for over 35 years, Ball Fabrics also offers world-class outdoor printing using the industry’s most advanced large-scale printers and technology designed to increase the resilience and longevity of windscreen graphics. We take special delight in custom-printed solutions for any kind of windscreen or fence screen.

The job required new windscreen to replace a previous installation that had been improperly measured leaving the courts with a sloppy, unfinished look and logos that were not correctly centered. When installing Windscreen, proper measurement is one of the keys for a great-looking end result. Screens that do not fit properly will never look right, no matter how much effort goes into installation. But great looks are not the only reason for proper measurement. When screens are properly measured and properly hung, they last longer and require less maintenance.

The new screens were carefully measured by Ball Fabrics’ experienced professionals to ensure logos ended up perfectly centered behind each court for symmetry and a professional finished look. They were printed using long-lasting outdoor inks and then enhanced with Ball Fabrics’ ToughCoat™, a UV coating that adds an additional three-year life expectancy to outdoor graphics.

The full size VCP windscreen was custom fabricated to exact measurements and the new logos were printed directly onto the windscreen. Then ToughCoat™ was applied to the printed windscreen for an additional layer of UV protection designed to double the longevity of outdoor inks. This process was developed by Ball Fabrics specifically for enhancing the life expectancy of outdoor graphics several years beyond what standard printers can offer.

“The screens look great,” reported Gibson. “And we had great feedback on them for the conference tournament. I really appreciate Ball Fabrics for getting them done on time.”