Windscreen Solution For Extreme Windy Areas

Windscreens are not created equal because they are manufactured using various different raw materials, construction patterns, and finishes. For this reason, it is important to determine which product is best suited for each location.

At some locations this is much more important than others because choosing the wrong windscreen will result in costly maintenance and replacement issues. For facilities that experience strong weather conditions, the inappropriate windscreen can be a major maintenance problem. Some windscreens are simply not built to perform well in high wind areas. That’s why it is so important to work with knowledgeable professionals who can help you determine which privacy screen is best for windy areas.

At Heathrow Country Club in central Florida, the frequent strong thunderstorms would blow through breaking ty wraps and ripping windscreen off the tennis court fences. Not only did this cause a massive maintenance problem, replacing ty wraps every day, but windscreen falling off the fence is not a good look for a beautiful facility with high end tennis courts.

“Mornings were pure havoc,” said Barry Myers, Director of Tennis at Heathrow. “People would be waiting to play and we were frantically putting windscreen back on the fence.” Heathrow contacted Ball Fabrics, Inc., manufacturers of high quality windscreen, netting, and athletic field products for over 35 years, to find a solution to the expensive and time consuming dilemma.

The answer: replace the windscreen on all 12 courts with ExtremeScreen™, which is designed to handle high winds without breaking loose from the fence. ExtremeScreen™, available only through Ball Fabrics, is the most long lasting and maintenance-free windscreen on the market, backed by a 7 year warranty. It is a great choice for tennis windscreen for many reasons, but especially for high wind areas.

The result: For the 12 months since the windscreen was replaced, maintenance has been reduced to almost nothing – no broken ty wraps, no flapping windscreen. “ExtremeScreen is a labor savor,” Myers concluded. “It handles high winds better than any windscreen I have ever seen. In 12 months we have not had one windscreen blow down. I come to the courts after a huge thunderstorm and my courts look great, people can get on them to play, and I don’t have to go rescue the windscreen.”