High-Quality Windscreen & Privacy Screen

Our high-quality windscreens and privacy screens are designed to endure the elements and built to last. We have the solution for any application: Construction Sites, Athletics Facilities, Industrial complexes or any fence that you need covered. Our screens come in a variety of colors and heights with custom sizes manufactured to fit whatever job you may have. We take pride in our quality and will custom build your windscreen/privacy screen with the following.

  • Strong & durable reinforced hems.
  • Bonded UV protected thread.
  • Grommets spaced at 12” with 3 per corner to keep it on your fence.
  • Over 30 years of experience manufacturing the best windscreens and privacy screens.
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Windscreen & Privacy Screen

Our Windscreen & Privacy Screen Products


Fence Windscreen products

Economical. Versatile. Popular.

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South Side hosts Union products

The toughest windscreen. Extremely low maintenance.

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Privacy Plus

privacyPlus products

Extra privacy where you need it.

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high-quality windscreens

Extremely beautiful. Many color options.

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high-quality windscreens

A premiere athletic court and field windscreen.

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Privacy Complete

high-quality windscreens

A woven polyethylene that provides 100% privacy.

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