The frame should be 2’ wider and 1’ higher than the actual batting cage to prevent the net from hitting the frame.  The upper frame should have horizontal cross bracing (cable or pipe) to support the netting spaced at approximately 15’ +/-.

**We recommend using horizontal brace supports between end posts and the next perimeter post to help prevent the tops of the end posts from being pulled inward when cable is attached.**

Begin attaching the net with lacing twine at one end of the batting cage. The net will hang inside the frame with the sides of the net at least 1’ in from the perimeter poles, while the top of the net will hang 1’ below the horizontal supports. Continue to work your way towards the other end of the batting cage taking up slack as you go.

***These instructions have not been approved by an engineer. They are not meant to be used as guidelines for constructing batting cage framework.