Larry Ball

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

After attending college on a tennis scholarship, Larry Ball spent several years working as a tennis professional in central Florida. It didn’t take long for his entrepreneurial abilities to rise to the surface and, in 1986, he founded Ball Products, Inc., providing essential court products and court accessories to the tennis market he knew so well.

What began as a one-man operation quickly grew to become a leading manufacturer of tennis court equipment throughout the United States, with a reputation for innovation. Larry had a knack for identifying unfulfilled needs in the market he served. His first trademarked product, introduced in 1987, was DuraScreen: a unique windscreen perfectly designed for tennis courts offering increased durability but with an enhanced look and feel. It quickly became one of the leading windscreens for the tennis market which raised and epitomized a new industry standard. After 35 years, it is still one of the leading tennis windscreens.

DuraScreen was just the beginning. Under Larry’s leadership, Ball Products developed and introduced a line of unique products that addressed unmet tennis court needs, including an enhanced net post design, the first interior wind net post, tennis nets offering increased durability and aesthetics that quickly outdistanced all competition, and several improved court maintenance products.

Within a few short years Ball Products became a major contender in the tennis industry because of Larry’s commitment to product development, quality construction, and great customer service designed to build long term relationships.

By 1994, Larry took the logical step and expanded into the fence and athletic markets, offering the same quality workmanship, innovative design, and attention to detail for sports netting and padding, privacy fence screens, and outdoor fabric solutions. Finally, in response to the company’s overwhelming growth, Larry guided Ball Products through its transition from privately owned to publicly held company.

In 2006 he joined his father, Dale Ball, and brother Jon Ball, in founding the new start up, Ball
Fabrics, Inc. At Ball Fabrics Larry continues developing and introducing innovative, patent
pending products to the windscreen and privacy fence screen markets.

Larry Ball